2016 Video Essays

27 December 2016

These are some video essays that I’m shamelessly cribbing from this list over at Fandor plus some others that I love and wanted to throw in.

An oldie but a goodie (although I will quibble with a few of the selected shots): 100 Years, 100 Shots

A Snowy Morning

04 December 2016

A couple photos from this morning.

A Misty Morning

04 December 2016

A few pictures from last Sunday morning

Hoshino (Star Wars fan film)

02 November 2016

A fan-made Star Wars short film about a blind Asian Jedi Master. What’s not to love?

(via The Mary Sue)

A Reminder

19 October 2016

Today marks the one year anniversary of my grandfather’s death.

He was the last of his generation (as far as my family is concerned). He was the last. And suddenly he was gone.

This is not a paean. I’m not much for singing, nor do I think that my writing could in any way do him justice. I simply felt the need to acknowledge this day and to put it up here as a reminder.

A reminder that life goes on. It’s going to be okay.

It’s going to be okay.