Briefly Recommended

22 January 2017

  1. Beautiful Passports
  2. A New York Times piece on M. Lamar, a man who plays music in a “gothic-devil-worshiping-free-black-man-blues tradition.”

And then two videos to start out your Sunday morning:


10 January 2017

Briefly Recommended

08 January 2017

  1. Criminal Episode 58: Walnut Grove
  2. How Feeding Babies Works
  3. This interview with Omar Saif Gobash, the UAE’s ambassador to Russia

2016 Video Essays

27 December 2016

These are some video essays that I’m shamelessly cribbing from this list over at Fandor plus some others that I love and wanted to throw in.

An oldie but a goodie (although I will quibble with a few of the selected shots): 100 Years, 100 Shots

A Snowy Morning

04 December 2016

A couple photos from this morning.