In Review - Holy Motors

13 February 2017

There’s no way around this so I’ll just say it up front: this is a gloriously strange film. It is not for everyone, and that is perfectly fine.

The film follows an actor as he goes about his day, being driven from shoot to shoot by his initimable driver. The film is alternatively surreal and realistic, funny and disturbing, logical and wildly odd. It’s shot and edited tightly; no shot feels out of place or misused.

The one thing that’s missing from the film is the camera. The main character is an actor who plays multiple roles over the course of the day, but where is the camera filming him? It only adds to the sense of strangeness and exhaustion that pervades the film, this sense that he is performing for nobody.

This is the first in what will be an ongoing series of brief reviews of movies and books.

Briefly Recommended

12 February 2017

  1. On the Folly of Personal Analytics
    • He also links to a thought-provoking earlier piece on water
  2. A piece from the ever-brilliant Jen Myers on tattoos
  3. “To venture into the wild, we step across a threshold, leaving behind what we know. In the wilderness we open ourselves to different kinds of understanding. We then return to weave new lessons back into our lives. Perhaps society is standing on this boundary as a whole, perched and paralysed on the edge of wildness, not knowing how to step across.” – on learning from nature in the 21st century (I may write up a full post about my own experiences with this)
  4. Jen Myers again, this time on background processes
  5. On rewilding human nature

Briefly Recommended

22 January 2017

  1. Beautiful Passports
  2. A New York Times piece on M. Lamar, a man who plays music in a “gothic-devil-worshiping-free-black-man-blues tradition.”

And then two videos to start out your Sunday morning:


10 January 2017

Briefly Recommended

08 January 2017

  1. Criminal Episode 58: Walnut Grove
  2. How Feeding Babies Works
  3. This interview with Omar Saif Gobash, the UAE’s ambassador to Russia