Alex Claman

Trying out Lore24

I tried out Dungeon23 last year, but for a variety of reasons didn’t stick with it. Partly due to the sense of rigidity that the dungeon concept has, but mostly just because it wound up being too much of a chore to work on each day.

However, I really like the idea of chipping away at creating a setting over the course of a year – and, honestly, that’s still faster than my normal pace. So, when I read about Lore24 today on Virtual Moose, I was definitely intrigued, and after reading the linked post with more details, decided to try it. I probably won’t be able to work on it daily, but I’m aiming for least weekly.

Locked away in a bank vault lies a simple wooden box. It appears to be empty, but contains the trusting belief of a child. If it is opened, gods will perish.